If you had to hire a team of professionals, to cover some key roles in your business, it would cost you a fortune. Maybe you should hire one person to do all these things??? But who would manage them? Can one person do all these things effectively? There are many issues you would need to think about before going down this track.

The roles you require will depend on your individual circumstances. If you need assistance with this, give us a call and we can arrange an assessment. We can also arrange packages which include skills testing and/or Recruitment.
Key office staff may include a Receptionist, an Accountant, an Administration Manager, a Payroll / HR Manager, an Accounts Payable Clerk and an Accounts Receivable Clerk. The larger you get, the more staff you will need.
A Receptionist or maybe 2 or 3 An Administration Manager and an Administration Assistant A Financial Controller and a CFO An HR Manager plus an HR Department (which may include Payroll) A Legal Department An Accounting Department including Accountant, AP Department, AR Department and a Collections Department
At the very least, our return to work Mums are not on a low package either. They are being paid what they are worth. We believe in valuing our staff and encourage a friendly environment in the workplace. If you hired one in your office to do many things, they would suffer from lack of friendship and we have found over the years… you cannot get a Bookkeeper to do the role of an Executive Assistant. It doesn’t work. We have specialists in each area, which in the end, actually saves you money. For example, when working on Social Media, you need a dedicated specialist to focus on their area of expertise… otherwise you are wasting your time and money. You can read about our specialists in Our Team profiles.
In an office you need a range of specialists to support your Team of Sales and Marketing specialists, otherwise you can’t sell. These costs can blow-out if you are not careful and outsourcing to the Philippines or India is not always a successful option. Many stories have been reported in the media of what happens when it doesn’t work out.
In Accounting alone, a large organisation will have a specialist team of the following. I would like to ask you if you recognise the roles.
  • CFO
  • Financial Controller
  • Accountant
  • Assistant Accountant
  • Payroll Officer / HR Manager
  • Debt Collections Officer
  • Accounts Payable Officer
  • Accounts Receivable Officer
In smaller companies, you may hire a Bookkeeper or an Accountant to do everything. I must emphasize here, when you hire an Accountant, they do not just do Tax Returns. They run your back-office. And sometimes, to save costs, the Head Office may do all the support tasks for several States around Australia. And it is pretty smart to do this because you can save significant costs and hire highly intelligent and experienced staff. That is, people who have done this stuff all their lives... that is, they specialise. Our staff get the brief from Account Managers and get to work. They are highly focused and they know how to switch on and off from one project to another.
To manage Payroll, AP, AR and Collections, you need a Manager who has performed these tasks before and can give guidance and direction to staff. Some people need more guidance than others. There are questions and career building training that takes place on a day-to-day basis. If staff are not growing on a day-to-day basis, they will get bored in their position and leave.
Working alone Without friends in the workforce, staff can and do get bored. This is a common complaint… even for owners of businesses who work from home. A key reason why consultants go back to working for a company, is because they need some interaction with people, or they go crazy. Career Development If staff are not given opportunities to learn more on-the-job, they may stay in the job for a short period of time before wanting to move on. Some staff are OK with just answering phones, but others want other opportunities to grow. You need to be careful with the initial selection process… some staff just want to work 9am to 5pm or 10am to 3pm – and they don’t want to think about work outside of hours. It is important to ask lots of questions to ensure you get the right type of person in the job. Performance Reviews. If they are not performing the way you would like, call them in for an annual performance review to see what they want. If you don’t communicate with your staff… you will never know. Everyone is different and has different needs.
Systems & Procedures
  • Everyone in your business needs to know what they are doing and if some-one resigns, the new person needs a clear hand-over process and written procedures to refer to when they get stuck.
  • You don’t need a specialist to do this, just make it a priority for everyone in your business to start working on their own systems & procedures.
HR / Payroll / OH&S Guidelines and Procedures
  • Heavy fines for non-conformance
  • Does every staff member have a contract of employment?
  • Is there a checklist of what is required during a payroll audit
  • Who do you go to for advice when something goes wrong?
Financials that everyone understands
  • Regular Financial Reports by the end of each month
  • With the important numbers - but what do they mean?
  • Regular training to all staff
Targets that are achievable
  • Regular Monthly Meetings to discuss what you are planning to achieve over the next 12 months (these are called Targets)
Monthly Meetings This ensures an all-round discussion from different perspectives and good feedback for making improvements. The main issue is people will take responsibility for tasks and report back on a monthly basis, gradually improving the business. A key member from each department should be present to help with the project management.
  • Operations
  • Administration
  • Finance
  • Marketing / Sales
  • IT / Technology
Action Points
  • Appoint an over-all Project Manager to monitor progress with daily, weekly and monthly action items tied back to KPIs / targets
  • Appoint a Manager from each Department to ensure projects / tasks get done
  • Ensure Reports are available at least 48 hours before the monthly meeting – this is not just the financials, it includes a report from each Department describing what they have achieved for the month
  • Ensure someone takes notes during the meeting (minutes) and types those notes out and distributes to all members
  • Ensure Action items are noted through-out the report with
  • names of who is responsible for each task
  • clear deadlines noted of when each task is to be completed
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