We are part of a Group of Companies including; Exemplar Performance Advantage, Exemplar Innovation, BeanCounters 2U, Exemplar Business Advisors and Gameplan CFO.

Exemplar Innovation is a recent introduction to the Group whereby we introduce small to large investors to inventors of latest technology products.

Business Growth Advisors
Many businesses write business plans for the Bank and it sits on the shelf without any changes being made. This is not that kind of a plan. We have experienced Business Growth Advisors who have worked in the types of businesses that make things happen. So, we do have the magic formula that actually works. And by the end of the first 12 months… we will prove it to you. We include in our projections forecasts for Senior Staff salaries, and yes they do increase as employees gain experience, skills and the know-how. Rewards are built-in to encourage staff to gain additional skills. So, if you have no intentions of growing… this plan may not work for you. We are not just talking about the CEO growing, we are taking the entire company with us on a journey of GROWTH.


Sylvana Livissianis

Sylvana Livissianis is driven by a desire and passion to help businesses achieve their business goals and thrive to succeed. She is a CPA with a background in Corporate Accounting she has spent her career providing financial management and business advice to various clients of all sizes from small to large multi nationals successfully helping them reach their goals. She has worked in various industries including building and construction, car manufacturing, banking and entertainment.
“I love working with fast growing businesses that have outgrown their existing systems and need help getting to their next phase, regardless of what phase that may be. I am hands on and I like to get to know my clients so we can effectively work together.”


Con Livissianis

Con Livissianis – is the founder of Exemplar Performance Advantage and Exemplar Innovation, a leading provider of corporate governance processes and associated performance evaluation solutions to the global corporate market. His business experience stretches over four decades. It includes extensive involvement in the areas of business strategy, performance evaluation, performance improvement, governance, training, e-commerce and innovation. Exemplar Innovation specialises in achieving growth through new technologies & innovative director and board leadership.

“The company’s approach centres on the principle of exceeding the customer’s needs by providing value added, solutions based business advice that will attain exceptional performance and good corporate governance.”


Janet Mignano

Janet Mignano – has a passion for project management and increasing business productivity and efficiency. With her experience in Engineering and Leadership she is a high energy individual with proven success in building, working with and motivating dynamic teams to deliver successful operational results and drive team success, ultimately leading to business success.
“I get a lot of satisfaction working directly with teams and individuals who share my passion for exceptional leadership, organisation, operational excellence and efficiency, interpersonal skills and communications. I know we will achieve success with all these things running smoothly”.