Exemplar Business Advisors offers two primary products: Business Ebooks & Core Competencies skills tests.


At Exemplar Business Advisors our goal is to ensure you are fully equipped with all the information you need to run your business. Our eBooks are written to ensure you have all relevant up to date industry trends and legislative requirements. Written by Authors who have had extensive practical experience and are leading providers of corporate governance processes and associated performance evaluation solutions for the global corporate market.


  • The tax incentives available for a qualifying investor in a qualifying Early Stage Innovation Company (ESIC) are significant. That is correct!! Why should you miss out just because the process seems complex and convoluted? However, both the ESIC and the investor need to pass tests before the investor can claim tax incentives from an investment in an ESIC company. This book clearly and concisely helps you understand the incentives available and the tests that must be passed to qualify both as an ESIC and an Investor. Broken down into easy to read sections, with easy to understand language accompanied by easy to follow flowcharts, this book will guide you through the ESIC maze.

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Skill Test

In 2005, Exemplar released reputedly the “world’s first” Directors and Accounting on-line web-based skills test which is used as part of performance evaluation tools on employees, candidates, directors and boards. The test is constantly under review to ensure that it stays up to date with current laws and industry trends. The Skills Tests are used to highlight the opportunities to upskill employees at various levels in the company. All results are totally confidential and can be used as part of the company’s performance reviews processes and recruitment processes.

Sample Test questions

  • Financial skills Our Financial skills assessment products are designed to identify gaps in accounting skills to assist training, restructure or recruitment.
  • 2 pages

“ Sorry for the incovenience, products will be available online soon.”


Skill test Details


Skills Test and eBook – Pricing table

Skills Test Time Required (min) Cost ($AUD)
Director 60 450
CFO 60 450
Financial Controller 60 350
Accountant 60 300
Assistant Accountant 60 250
Book keeper 60 200
Accounts Payable Officer 60 150
Accounts Receivable Officer 60 150
Numerical 60 75
Communication – Comprehension, word association 10 45
Explaining the Australian Legislation on tax incentives for Early Stage Investors 19.99