Business Advisory Services

Global Business Advisor                                                                                                                                      Con Livissianis
Business Advisory professionals across a wide range of professional disciplines assist our clients respond to growth, performance, risk management and governance challenges.
Our team is comprised of professionals with a high degree of practical, technical and business expertise, and with skills in the areas of:

  • optimization of corporate performance
  • corporate governance
  • board and director performance
  • mentoring family business owners on transitioning young family members to directorships, and
  • driving discipline and structure into start-ups and entrepreneurial businesses.

We work with businesses ranging from emerging entrepreneurial businesses to medium sized public companies, private enterprises, family businesses and large corporations.
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Corporate Business Advisor                                                                                                                       Sylvana Livissianis
Having run and operated our own Consulting Services businesses since 1981, Sylvana joined our operations in 2004 assisting with the designing and developing the Exemplar range of online Skills Tests. We can assist you with specific knowledge in a range of everyday business topics:

  • HR Consulting
  • Marketing, Websites, Search Engine Optimisation
  • IT / Computer Services
  • Networking
  • Accounting / Finance
  • Leadership Advice and one-on-one Training
  • Training and Workshops