Exemplar Office Packages

We have a complete office support team to help you with a range of special projects identified during the initial scoping period. We can help with whatever is required and includes:

  • Social Media / Website
  • HR / compliance issues
  • Special Projects
  • CFO support including Budgets / Cashflows and KPIs
  • Mentors for your internal staff

Exemplar Office Packages – Assessment Phase

The assessment phase takes place during an initial period of 30 to 90 days. This provides us with a DNA of your business so we can take your business forward step by step. We agree on the actions required to progress to the next level and report on our milestones via our Monthly Management Meetings. The first month is an information gathering stage where we ask you a range of questions and spend a lot of time asking questions and getting to know you.

This stage is critical to find out what you need and who we need to ask in your business to get the information we need to address your needs. The ongoing monthly fee will depend on our analysis which we will be fully disclosed after we know what we are dealing with… and what your requirements are. There will be many options available to you and you may select the most suitable package.


Virtual Office Services First Month Second Month Third Month Thereafter
Monthly Fee +GST $2,500 $2,000 $1,500 TBA
HR Audit
Budgeting / Cashflow
Monthly Management Meetings Included Included Included Included
Trial Period 90 days
Annualised Fee + GST $18K – $30K

Additional hours chargeable at an exclusive premium rates which are available to clients only.

Accounts must be paid within 7 days.

Monthly Meeting Package Access 24/7 included in all packages
Minutes & Agenda *Unlimited emails
Monthly set of financials *Phone access with your dedicated Customer Service Manager
Budget vs Actuals *Online chat facility
KPIs *Ability to raise help tickets to ensure your query is resolved
Keep staff accountable *One point of contact


We help you set Targets that are tailored to your business