Monthly Management Meetings

When you work with us, we help you with your entire business with Monthly Management Meetings.  Lots of things go wrong on a day-to-day basis and this can take you away from doing what you do best… which should be Managing your business, making decisions and coming up with strategies to grow your sales & customer base.

A typical business does not have access to large Departments, in fact quite often there is one person who covers all these tasks plus a team of outside advisors / contractors.  That is, until the Exemplar Office arrived… we are a team of highly experienced C-Level Advisors that medium sized businesses can access when they need to.

Typical Management Team

CEO Size of the Support Team Varies
Sales Manager Sales Team responsible for each State
Marketing Manager Minimum 5 people
HR Manager Minimum 5 people
Project Manager Minimum 5 people
CFO / Financial Controller Minimum 5 people
Mentors for internal staff Rarely exists in real life
Senior Executive as a Support to CEO Usually the CFO but rarely utilised due to privacy

Without a budget, it is difficult for the CEO to know the direction of the business with Monthly Management Meetings and can be difficult to plan for the future.  The landscape changes for all sorts of reasons… but if you are managing on historical data, it is impossible to react fast enough to keep up with economic and market conditions which may be effecting your business.

Monthly meeting with your Management Team

In our Monthly Management Meetings, you will discuss your actuals vs budget every month with a Business Growth Advisor who has over 20 years Large Corporate experience.  Our team will take the minutes of the meeting and discuss any issues that need to be tracked by your Management Team.

We will explain to you in plain English what your financials mean and discuss ways that we can potentially save costs within your business.  The intention is to reduce costs, but also to come up with strategies on how to increase revenue.  Your Business Growth Advisor will come up with a range of solutions specific to your business. A private discussion will take place with the CEO prior to each Team Meeting.

This same scenario can apply to all growing businesses… We take the model that is used in Large Corporates and train medium business owners on how to apply the same approach regardless of their size.

Monthly Meeting Package

  • Minutes & Agenda
  • Monthly set of financials
  • Budget vs Actuals
  • KPIs
  • Keep staff accountable
  • Set achievable Targets

You will have access to your Business Growth Advisor whenever you need them. This does not mean access to a 1300 number or a Telesales / Telemarketing department, you will always know how to get access to your dedicated Advisor via a local number or their Executive PA who knows how to access in an emergency. If it is not an urgent issue, there are many other ways to lodge a request.

  • Telephone support
  • Email contact
  • Online chat facilities
  • Helpdesk ticketing available for specific tasks

Telephone helpdesk 8.30 am to 5.30 pm for regular monthly clients.  Plus all premium access clients will have direct access to the mobile number of your Customer Service Manager for urgent enquiries.