Recruitment Services

We offer recruitment services for any role within your business including a range of diverse positions from an Office all-rounder to an Accounting Specialist or an HR Manager, we can assist you with job specs to salary expectations.  We have access to high quality part-time return-to-work Mums and Dads who are very keen to re-enter the workforce.  We have a range of training programs for both Mums and Dads returning to the workforce to assist with skills development and self confidence building specially designed for those who have been out of the market while raising a family.

Our family friendly environment also allows a community for return-to-work Mums and Dads to mix with like minded individuals who are highly experienced with similar career aspirations.  Every time we advertise, we are inundated with responses from men and women who are looking for part-time work.  Some of our staff are over-qualified but lack the confidence required to get back in the workforce – very normal if you have been out of the workforce for awhile.  Things move so fast today.

These highly experienced, normally self confident individuals are well worth our recommended starting package.  So, if you are looking for high quality staff… look no further.

  • Administration
  • Executive Assistants
  • Marketing Managers
  • Social Media Professionals
  • IT Professionals
  • HR Professionals
  • Payroll Specialists
  • Bookkeepers
  • All levels of Accounting Staff

You can however, hire them part-time in Virtual Office packages… or we can assist you to recruit your own.

Skills Testing

If you want to utilise our Exemplar Skills Test for that position, we can incorporate it into the package for you. We include a certificate of the skills test results – in over 17 key areas to both the candidate and the employer for a small additional cost. The report is useful for upskilling during training sessions and can be used by the employee to prove they can perform in the role they have applied for.

It is far too easy for an Accountant to tell you they can perform a particular task, it is different to have them actually perform that task during our 1 hour online test.

Our recruitment fees are a flat 12% of the recommended package, we also give you guidance on what you should be paying the candidates.

Executive Recruitment

  • CFOs
  • CEOs
  • Directors
  • Sales & Marketing Executives

Our recruitment fees are a flat 12% of the recommended package, we also give you guidance on what you should be paying the candidates.

Skills Testing is also available for senior staff and can be performed to prove financial literacy and the ability to read Financial Statements. We can run you through the sections to see which would be applicable for the role.

All discussions are private and confidential.