Automated Reports


When you work with us, we help you with your entire business to ensure you have regular Monthly Management Meetings.  Lots of things go wrong on a day-to-day basis and this can take you away from doing what you do best.  It’s your job to Manage the business, make key decisions and develop strategies to grow your sales & customer base.

We are highly experienced CPAs who have worked at CFO and Financial Controller level within medium to large Corporates for over 35 years.  So we know what works and apply our valuable Corporate experience to enhance your workplace.

We provide automated Management Reports on a monthly basis so we can discuss your Business Goals and Results through-out the year, before it becomes a serious problem at year-end.  We also help relieve the pressure from the CEO / owner and Senior Executives by making each Sales Manager responsible for their own budget.  When tied to a bonus, this gives them higher motivation to achieve their targets and provides good feedback and two-way discussion during Team Meetings.

Without a budget, it is difficult for the CEO / owner to know the direction of the business and without Monthly Management Meetings it can be difficult to plan for the future.  The landscape changes for all sorts of reasons… but we provide you with the tools you need to run your business.  Coupled with tailored training for your business and premium customer support for the CEO, all that changes.

Benefits to your Business:

  • Increased Motivation in the Workplace
  • Sales Managers provide their own commentary for your meetings
  • Bonuses aligned to targets set annually by each Sales Manager
  • Improve your relationship with your Bank Manager
  • Improve the confidence of your Management Team, so they have the confidence to ask questions related to the financials
  • Premium Customer Support provided to the CEO
  • Interstate visits available for face-to-face meetings
  • Opportunity for you to take a holiday more often

Monthly Meeting Package

  • Format provided for your Minutes & Agenda
  • Monthly set of tailored financials specific to your Business
  • Comparisons to Last Year and Budget
  • KPIs
  • Keep staff accountable
  • Set achievable Targets

Premium Customer Support

  • sms messages sent to my phone – response same day
  • 24/7 Email contact 
  • ability to make appointments linked to our Outlook calendar for immediate confirmation
  • Online chat facilities
  • Helpdesk ticketing available for technical tasks – with fast response