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When Sylvana was working for Volvo Car Australia, she was responsible for delivering consolidated Cashflows and Budgets internationally by the 7th day of month-end.

At PolyGram Music, she would meet with each of the Sales Managers by region, who were responsible for delivering their budgets for discussion at the Monthly Management Meetings.  They would stress about it because they didn’t understand the numbers.  “I was never good at maths”… they would say to her.  They were so fearful of speaking, because they couldn’t memorise the numbers and didn’t understand what they meant.  KPIs was where they completely lost the plot.  They also had difficulty communicating with Financial Accountants, they used complicated words they didn’t understand.  

The Cash Whisperer was born

Sylvana would spend 1 hour having coffee and a chat with each of the Sales Managers before returning to her desk to compile their budget.  At the Management Meeting, the Sales Managers would simply tell their story.   Their numbers magically appeared on the Powerpoint display and matched their commentary.  

Sylvana speaks in plain english and does not confuse people with accounting jargon.  In fact she loves communicating with clients, CEOs, Senior Staff and Sales Managers.  She provides tailored automated Management Reports and runs monthly online training videos explaining what the figures mean.  So clients get to understand why financials are so important.  The summary income statements help when applying for Finance for the business.  Clients gain confidence in answering the questions and provide forecasts 12 months in advance. 

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